Riskpoint in a nutshell

We are a team of web developers specialising in website production and business applications.

What is Riskpoint?

Riskpoint has been specialising in web-based applications and complex websites since 2007. Since then we have delivered dozens of different projects for a variety of clients in a range of industries. We take pride in our work, our effectivness and technical expertise.

Our clients are anyone from SMEs to multi-nationals covering healthcare, the financial industry, Media and retail. Our projects range from simple websites to intricate intranets and work-flow management systems in multi-national organisations.

Meet the Team

Boris Mavra

Managing Director

Boris Mavra is the founder and Managing Director of Riskpoint. Prior to Riskpoint, Boris worked in the financial sector as a quantitative analyst for Arthur Andersen and derivatives risk manager for Credit Agricole / Lazard Bank. As a risk-consultant he continued working in quantitative finance in a variety of projects and roles including reinsurance analysis, hedge funds and derivative pricing. He has an extensive knowledge of financial IT systems and technologies. Boris has a BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College, London and a PhD in Mathematics from Oxford University.

Alan Campbell

Senior Developer

Alan joined Riskpoint in 2005 and is the main developer of Riskpoint's framework. He is also responsible for various systems integration solutions, web-services and statistical analysis implementations. He is an expert in stochastic modelling and has a wide ranging experience in programming and IT systems. Alan has a BSc in Mathematics from Strathclyde University, Glasgow and is currently putting the finishing touches to his PhD in Statistics.

Alasdair Campbell

Web Developer

Alasdair joined Riskpoint in 2010 from T-Enterprise where he worked for over two years as Head Developer. Alasdair is responsible for a variety of computational and data-intensive applications and development of Riskpoint's framework. He is proficient in a range of IT technologies including various Microsoft platforms and languages. Alasdair has a BSc in Chemistry and a PgD in Software Development from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Alice Hussey

Frontend Developer

Alice joined Riskpoint in 2015 after completing her degree at the University of Kent, where she studied Computer Science for 4 years. Alice is responsible for the frontend design and development of Riskpoint's website projects and for maintenance and updates to the Riskpoint CMS. She has experience in a variety of web development and web design skills. Alice has a BSc in Computer Science with a Year in Industry from the University of Kent.