Case Studies

We've worked with a variety of organisations on projects from many sectors, including finance, colmpliance and medicine. The following case studies showcase just some of the applications we have developed in these sectors.

Case Study A

Fund Custodian - Invoicing Application

  • Fund custodian / administrator managing 200 funds, issuing over 50 invoices per month with varying pricing methods
  • Several internal teams contribute to inputs every month
  • Previously used a large spreadsheet with no auditing abilities causing frequent errors
  • New invoicing application includes a large set of models (formulas) assigned to each contracted service as per signed agreements
  • Formulas include time-dependencies, caps, floors, tiered charging etc.
  • Separation of contract inputs and billing inputs
  • All billing inputs time-stamped and auditable
  • Locking process part of internal checks before final send
  • Invoices issued as PDFs or sent to Xero via API
  • Project started in 2019, ongoing

Case Study B

Litigation Funder - Case Management

  • Start-up based on a novel business model involving large numbers of small and medium claims and their own financial upside calculations
  • Key part of assessment was their budget builder / case pricing
  • Existing legal case management systems could not handle the financial calculations and reporting
  • Riskpoint built the system from the ground up, including full client / case management system features, F/E access etc.
  • Detailed budget builder and scenario pricing
  • Extensive reporting including case IRR calculations, case lifecycles etc. Project migrated to PostgreSQL for better efficiency
  • Project started in 2014, last fund closed in 2019, business winding down

Case Study C

Medical Consultancy - Patient Records System

  • US based medical consultancy advising on hospital workflow / efficiency wanted to adapt existing platform to the NHS / UK Market
  • Patient workflow system recording patient status based on a number of medical criteria (questionnaires)
  • Software mandated by NHS England, with extensive reporting and data analysis
  • Integration with various NHS IT systems including HL7, trust SSOs
  • Data exports in various NHS mandated formats for central collection and national reporting
  • Installed on NHS N3 network
  • Project started in 2015, deployed in 25+ NHS trusts. Taken over in 2021 by external dev team

Case Study D

Fund Manager - CRM / PMS / Accounting Tool

  • A fund manager set up an innovative AIM-based fund requiring trade allocation, fund accounting and reporting for each investor
  • Client management (~1,500 clients)
  • Portfolio management: subscriptions, redemptions, rebalancing; corporate actions, dividends
  • Tax, valuation, HMRC and MIFID reporting
  • System extended to other funds replacing legacy systems: additional 5 funds, ~4,000 clients, ~200 transactions per day
  • Distributions and commission processes
  • CASS management and reporting
  • Settlement and ledger management processes
  • Most of the business logic coded in SQL queries, PostgreSQL used for efficiency
  • Project started in 2015, ongoing

Case Study E

Investment Advisory - Analytics Platform

  • Specialised investment advisory firm using a proprietary correlation-based modelling to generate investment ideas
  • Bespoke platform built around a correlation-calculation engine for 1000s of globally traded securities
  • Security time series feeds from several sources
  • Real-time computation required separate coding in C and a job-queueing system
  • F/E enabled investors to construct portfolios and receive daily PDF updates
  • Project started in 2010, currently planning a rebuild


Riskpoint's GRC Platform

  • Compliapps is Riskpoint's full GRC platform
  • Fully configurable modular application, independent of the rule-set / jurisdiction
  • Integrated top-to-bottom Rules – Risks – Controls – Measures – Tasks structure
  • Number of specialised UK / FCA modules: CASS, Reconciliations, PA Dealing, ICARA*
  • Deployed as a white-labelled platform with several compliance consultancies serving dozens of clients
  • Direct clients: hedge funds, fund management firms, pension funds
  • Sold as SaaS / licensed product
  • Project started in 2019, ongoing