Data management, communication, systems integration

All IT systems are tools for exchanging data. The problems and solutions managing complex data are universal. Here are some typical issues our clients come to see us about:


  • "We need a website that will function as a portal to our clients"
  • "We want to share some data with certain clients"
  • "We need to access our IT system from anywhere"

Data management

  • "We have lots of data on a spreadsheet"
  • "We need to share data between several people"
  • "We have difficulty tracking complex data"
  • "We need to store large volumes of data that can be indexed and searched upon"
  • "We need modelling, computations and automation of processes"

Systems integration

  • "Our IT systems don't talk to each other"
  • "Our IT systems don't talk to our partners' / suppliers' systems"
  • "We regularly need to collect or upload data from/to an external website"

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