Application prototyping

When commissioning an IT system, is there an alternative to endless Powerpoints and specification documents? We think there is: build a prototype!

Writing specifications

Commissioning a new IT system always involves creating some sort of specification document. The process is broadly similar for most clients and developers: it consists of looking at present system or data, interviewing end users, compiling the desired functionality, working out the gap analysis etc. 

Both sides are interested in getting a firm committment on what is to be delivered, timelines and costs. In practice this process involves a lot of talking, Powerpoints presentations and many versions of the specification document.

Another observation is that creating firm specifications involves as much time and the same skillset as the actual coding. By first creating a written description and then coding the application, the required work is in effect doubled.

Ultimately the whole specification exercise is theoretical and only when the application (Beta) is delivered can the real user-testing and refinements commence. By then the system functionality and data-structure are locked to some degree and changes can be difficult and costly.

Is there a better way?

Our proposal

Our approach is based on the technical efficiency of our framework: we are able to quickly assemble all main components of any data management system and use this prototype as a basis for further discussions and refinements. Equally importantly, we are able to deliver very precise database and coding specifications to eventual developers - saving time and costs.

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