Our box of lego pieces

Modular and reusable code components are the building blocks of any IT system. We have developed our own set.

What is the Riskpoint framework

Most IT systems have similar functional requirements used in different contexts. To avoid re-inventing the wheel, most developers organise their code into modular, reusable components ("a framework").

We created our own set that best fits our working practices and projects. Here are the broad strokes:

  • Set of integrated functional and visual code components
  • Standardized folders, files and code structure
  • Based on interlinked functional modules
  • Reusable code pieces range from entire modules to UI widgets (tables, menus, forms)
  • Extended by a number of specialist open-source plugins
  • Live integrations with various web-services
  • Variety of outputs

Our framework is written in PHP and works on all common server configurations.

Key differentials

There are many PHP frameworks for web-development. All of these are excellent toolkits used by developers world-wide in building top-notch applications and websites. So why bother creating our own? Here are some of our framework features and why we use it:

  • Our framework is a set of integrated visual and functional components evolved through years of coding diverse data-management applications
  • We thought long and hard about the balance between the functional and visual components; all-encompassing and specific code; code abstraction and development speed
  • Our code is designed to enable rapid development process and continuous evolution
  • We have used it in very diverse projects: websites, data-management, computational and graphical systems

If you want to find out more, take a look at our framework examples.