Web, web, web

The Internet is the premier technology platform of our time. We have been building web-based business applications since 2007.

Why use the web for your business application?

The Web is a universal set of protocols all IT systems can use to exchange data - a basic function of any business application. You don't have to be a techie to see that web is embedded into every conceivable system and gadget - mobile platforms and their applications are just the latest example.  To use a cliche: it has been a revolution in data management.

Sometimes businesses are scared of the pace of change in IT and whether the latest technology craze will last. With the web that should no longer be a concern: it is a proven platfom, 25 years old, it remains flexible, open and universally supported. It is now a natural choice for all businesses. 

We enjoy playing our small part in this revolution.

Some of our applications

Here are some types of applications we have deployed over the years:

  • Project and work-flow management systems
  • Client management systems
  • Trading systems
  • Drugs e-prescribing systems
  • Online graphical applications
  • Online and internal databases
  • Document management systems
  • Computational and analytical systems
  • Reporting applications

The common link

Jack of all trades, master of none? No, quite the opposite: across business sectors and activity types all applications have many features in common: logins and user-permissions, data entry and display, searches, reporting - to name just a few. By working with very different clients we are constantly exposed to new problems and are able to transfer the "best of breed" solutions.

Workflows may differ significantly even within a very narrow sector but the basic data capture and manipulation remains the same. By having most of the commonly used components prepared, we can short-cut the development process and focus on the specific demands of each client.