It's all about data

We specialise in data management using web-based technologies. Websites, business systems or mobile applications - essentially all are about effective data management, distribution and display.

Business applications

Our core activity is developing business applications. 'Data management' is a catch-all term that covers the wide range of systems and websites we have built, deployed and maintained over the years. Examples include:

  • Project management systems
  • Client management systems
  • Computational applications
  • Trading systems
  • Drugs e-prescribing systems
  • Online databases
  • Mobile applications

All these share the same core functions: 'Who' (access control), 'What' (data management) and 'How' (data display / GUI).

Thinking about these key concepts, it is easy to see how we can cover a range of subjects using same technologies and code.


We think of content-managed websites as data-management applications with a designed interface. Our role is strictly in code production - we are happy to leave the creative side to true experts.

Have a look at the range of websites we produced - all of them have a Content Management Systems based on our framework.